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It won't take long for you to discover that this on-line digital presentation of graphics and art is much different from all the others you may have visited. It's the only one which truly contains the world's most highly detailed, sophisticated and thought provoking designs and wraps specific to you in the power sports industry and beyond.

Whether you are just getting started, or a veteran to outdoor sport activities, your sure to find a style that will compliment your persona, riding gear or special event.

What you can always expect to find here is a large and ever growing selection of distinctive fine art designs with exquisite details and depth, all cleverly mastered to perfection by a seasoned passionate air brush artist and sculptor, who's success has been painstakingly achieved without compromise of time or energy.

And if your seeking something exclusive, then consider the endless possibilities of having a custom package made.

What you won't find here is thoughtless mix matches of disjointed blurry trash art, or senseless irregular patterns created by novices with unguided skills.


You have a large investment in your power toys, so why wear a bag over your head?

Trust your image and your dignity with none other than an evolutionary

'World Class Wraps'.


'How kits are processed'


Today's prints are state of the art, and no longer use regular or water based ink technologies. Instead, the industry has for the past few years brought us high grade solvent ink processing.



It takes a special printing machine to carry and dispense this aggressive long lasting solvent and is the absolute best for all permanent print work.

When the print media passes through the printer, it's first preheated so to open the pores of the vinyl. This allows the solvents to penetrate deep and beyond the surface. It is then heated a second time as it exits the machine, and then set aside to gas off before lamination.

It's such a perfect process, that it is to a point abrasion resistant even without the over-laminating. However, all prints are treated with an over laminate to keep them looking perfect while offering the additional surface protection.


The end result of the deep embedding and UV stable process is nothing less than the very best that technology has offered to the print world, and will remain vibrant and color-fast, thus, maintaining all the subtle details for years.


High quality art with a lot of detailing always looks best under a glossy clear lens laminate. The finish is incredible and adds amazing depth to the print. Without it, the underlying print would be vulnerable to exposure.

Among other reasons, the over laminate also provides ultra violet protection.


On the flip side, some patterns like camouflage and other solid designs may look best under a medium to no-gloss finish.

This is sometimes chosen to enhance the overall effect of the pattern or design. It also has less glare and is easier to see regardless of viewing angle and lighting.


Laminates come in a variety of thicknesses and finishes, however 'thickest' is not always best. Thick laminates on thick print media are more easily affected by repeated hot and cold transitions. This is because the rate of expansion of the underlying plastics vs. the adhesive and pliability of the vinyl are rated differently. Not to say that it doesn't work, as it does quite well. Though in the long term, you may notice that a graphic panel which have a shape or area that comes to a point offers less contact (adhesive) and is the vulnerable area to expansion/contraction. So in deciding, there are times when a thinner or medium laminate/media combo will offer a better life span and easier application as it's more pliable and works better with the underlying surfaces and compound curves.


Specialty 'wrap' media and over laminate are among the thinnest, yet the technology used in its development are premium and offer the advantage of mounting onto organic surfaces that other media/laminate combinations just can't do. Wrap media offers superior performance to take on contours perfectly on surfaces which are smooth and that have very sharp X and Y curves.

Wrap is best applied dry instead of using the wet application methods. Heat can be used to shrink and stretch it, whereas, the other combinations don't have the chemistry or technology incorporated into them.

Suffice to say, there are several different print and laminate media available to work from, and I choose what is best for the application. Wrap will not work on low energy plastics as it takes a different media to adhere properly.



All processed kits are completely cutout from the background and is one of the many unique features none other offers. It takes longer, but here are the benefits:

As many panels may be independent from the others, fully cutout kits allow the installer a greater advantage of taping every piece into place first before the adhesion process takes place. This permits time to get acquainted with the orientation, setting proper balance and perspective from left side to right, and down the middle.


Here is how I do my installations:

I'll use temporary painters tape to set each of the panels onto their prospective surfaces of the machine. Once all are preset, I'll then cut off about 2" inches of backing paper from one of the corners and tack it down dry. I mention dry as there are a couple ways of doing an install and will address that now:

Dry install is just that, and 'wet' is when you are using a water solution, usually 1 cup of water with 1 to 2 drops if dish washing liquid in it. That helps break the surface tension of the water itself. I then load it into a spritz type spray bottle for easy application.

Once I have set a corner, I'll proceed to pull the graphic away from the panel it's being applied to, and totally wet the surface of the machine (where the panel is being mounted) as it will help to get the air worked out from behind. Nothing is water soluble, so be as liberal as you like.

I'll even wet the surface of the graphic to lessen the resistance and friction while spreading out the air/water with the squeegee tool. Always work the air/water out from the center and towards the nearest edge. If you take your time, you'll achieve excellent if not perfect results.

An imperfect installation would consist of one or both the following criteria: Wrinkles, or air/water bubbles trapped behind. However, don't fret just yet as there are tricks to addressing these minor issues.


Be sure to look through the Hall of Fame for some exciting images sent in by loyal customers. Those who do send in images will be entered into the annual giveaway, and, featured in the HoF page. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to share your machine with the world!


Clicked on the image above, will take you to a new page containing a variety of video tutorials to better help you succeed with your installation process. I highly recommend it if this is your first time.


Still integrating and uploading the new web pages as I get them completed, and have passed W3C code validation.

This area will also contain links to the latest designs which are uploaded so that you can keep current without having to search the entire site.






Zombie themed snowmobile graphics wrap


Frozen Mulisha Adrenaline sled wrap


Mountain Zebra link






high vizability Spyder graphics


Turbo Nytro wrap


Retro Virus skidoo wrap


IRONMAN snowmobile graphics


XTX Surgeon Red


Ladies snowmobile graphics


Snow Blind sled wrap




Aristocrat wrap




Warewolf themed sled wrap


Trooper sled wrap


Neon Hive design






Updates are frequent, along with new kit designs, ad-ons and extensions for previous packages.

Call ahead or just drop in from time to time and see what's developing!


Thinking of having a custom design made up? Well, you couldn't have found a more dedicated artist to take on your special project and to see it through to perfection.

As I receive endless requests for custom design work, I have had to set some standards and perimeters in order to be more exact and efficient, in respect of time.

Please review the following guidelines that will better help me, help you.

State the year and model that I will be working on, as well for base colors and any critical areas which might require special attention.

If you have after-market paint, panels or colors which are non factory colors, but important to the continuity of your theme, please review the color chart and take note of the coinciding code below it. This will make it easier to convey such information.

If you have corporate sponsors and wish to have their logos embedded into the design, you must have the rights to do so. Thus, I will give the benefit of doubt that you have taken the necessary steps.

If you are requesting logos or branding which I do not currently have stock of, you will be required to provide that to me in either .EPS  or  .TIF format. EPS is highly recommended as it is easily scaled.

Getting new inspirational ideas after I have submitted a finished proof, will cause timely delays and back up the work flow here in studio. Please be courteous and have your thoughts and ideas well ironed out before I get started on your special project. If by chance we need to discuss a hard to describe detail in the working file, we can communicate via screen share, to assist in the translation of ideas and geometry in real time.

I will not copy another artists work, as I have the skill and abilities to produce superior original art. However, if you have been inspired by something you have seen somewhere in your travels, and would like my rendition thereof, you must submit the visual reference by way of e-mail, so that I may assess the direction and time it will take take in order to create that personalized and unique piece of art.


There is no perfect color matching, however I will work as closely as possible so that the design will compliment your current color scheme.
I work with a solvent based printer. Black is black at 100% opacity, however as it fades and feathers out against a white background, the makeup of the black may show through. This I have titled Ghost rather than black and white, because it is strictly relevant to the processing and manufacturing of the black ink.
All of my designs, templates and techniques are proprietary, and not for share, resale or use by any other parties unless special arrangements have been made.

Kits and design packages are also proprietary, thus available exclusively through this web site and will not be made available to, or by, any retail outlets at this present time.


The fee for custom design work is $300.00 plus the general cost of processing.

Changes made after 'proofing' are prorated at $85.00 per hr. All work produced remains under the copyright of the artist unless otherwise specified.

These guidelines, as well for design updates and modifications, may be updated and/or amended without prior notice, as and when deemed necessary by the director.


visit Here


The above image is linked to my color chart which is a excellent reference when communicating. Each sample is accompanied by a particular code beneath it and should be referenced when discussing details. Please note that what you see may vary from monitor to monitor, thus I do not offer exact color matches, though will use the code provided to achieve the greatest accuracy.


There are more than a couple ways to ship packages, be it local or international. First would be Expedited Parcel through the general post office or via FedEx. Ground service is usually acceptable unless going overseas where it must be sent airmail.

Here is some information you should know about each:

If shipping through post office, packages have over time been received within a few business days. However as the USPS has and is considering cutbacks and closures leading to the possibility of privatization, they will not guarantee a delivery date and say to allow up to 30 days. All packages are tracked and the number issued will be provided to you once it has entered their system. Depending on the value of an order, a signature may be required for delivery.

With any courier service such as FedEx, the delivery is more reliable and almost always arrives within an acceptable sum of time. And as they are all brokers, they also take care of the paperwork and the collecting and remitting of duties which are about 5.8% (based on value of goods) on orders exceeding $200. They will require a daytime phone number to contact you once the parcel is set for delivery.


Selections from the various categories are title specific and are the best fit possible to suit individual applications.
Various forms of tutorials including video are available on the site for viewing.
The many and various techniques are specific in assisting you to accomplish a successful installation.
It is highly advised that you review these materials prior to installation.
All kits are pre-cut to their specific shapes. This is for your convenience. Test fit your kit by using small strips of  painter's tape to place all graphic panels in their respective positions prior to doing the installation.
If there are any errors in color or fit, it is important to notify me before using the product in order to rectify the problem.
If you are not confident in doing your own installation, please hire a professional.
If you or your chosen installer requires further information or assistance, please contact me.
Shipping rates may vary pending size of packaging, special handling instruction, or your location. Any and all additional costs such as priority courier service, overnight service, import duties, any and all taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are completely the buyer’s responsibility.
Returns will be credited for exchange upon satisfactory inspection. Any items returned that are incomplete, marked, creased, scratched or damaged in any way are the returning party's responsibility to make good on.  Any items that have been tampered with, such as, tracing with pounce wheel, copying with any form of scribing or marking instrument will NOT be accepted as a return for credit or exchange and returned back to you at your expense. If you are returning an item, you must first contact me for guidelines and  instructions. If it doesn't come back to me in the same perfect condition that I sent it to you, it will most likely be waste as all kits are printed as new and meant to ship safely only one way. All returns are at shippers expense unless otherwise stated.
If you are sending in parts to be 'wrapped' or templated, you must first contact me for instructions on packaging and shipping.
Those who send in images of their graphics installed will gain a position in the Hall of Fame page, and will also receive the complimentary accident replacement insurance for having participated in my image rewards program.
The time limit to do so is two weeks from the date of delivery and is nontransferable. Poor quality images taken by way of a dim lit or shaky cell phone, or, images that are sent in after the two week grace period from the date of receipt will be at my discretion.

As the original private property owner with claim of right, take notice that:
All works/creations, be it in the form of art, audio/video, intellectual, literary or in any other capacity are private property. No part from this web sight, links or that of related affiliates shall be for download, research, data mining, storage, reprint, circulation or publication or used in any form by any 3rd party, person, agency, institution or body corporate without prior written consent.

Also, take notice that I am making an effort to faze out brand names, and it is a tedious task because no one else is. And it is something that I have done for and by request of customers because once they remove the OEM graphics, the name is lost as well. I, as many others in the graphics industry, have done this respectfully and to help maintain visibility. In a way it's a shame, as the intention of the customer and myself and others is just to keep things looking good and not meant to infringe or cause harm. However, based on the 'clean hands doctrine', to Notice one, and not all, creates unfair competition.

That all said, my art is good on it's own.


This web sight runs analytics code in the background to monitor performance, speed, number of hits and page loads, thus may use cookies.

What they do, if any, with that information is unknown to me.

I'm an artist, not a spy, and have no interest in your personal data and value your inherent privacy as much as my own.

There are no external pop-ups or outside advertising permitted here.

Long live liberty.


It has been years since I've studied code and have invested day and night for many months upgrading my skills and comprehension of the latest HTML5, CSS3 and a few other features in order to bring you a state of the art responsive cross browser presentation.

The integration of updates are designed to work on cell phones, various sized tablets and on your desktop and laptop computers. Much of the content and images will automatically resize according to your viewing devices. But to get the best experience, consider viewing it with a larger screen device so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the finer details built into the designs.

As artist, it's important for me to offer you the best sample image quality possible while browsing. However I have also had to consider the various modern devices, distances, countries and the Internet speeds to which they operate. Portions of this site also contain large and extensive image galleries, with sometimes up to 100 images and may take a few seconds longer to load than most others depending on your Internet connection speed. The site is hosted on a premium high speed server to accommodate multiple requests and page loads at one time.

With the exception of some late breaking software for the new HTML5 platform, every stitch of content has been tested for W3C compliance.

If you have any problems loading any part of this site, please contact me so that I may address the issue.


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Unrivaled. Unprecedented. Professional artistry.

Please notice that this web portfolio is undergoing updates. Please return to the HOME page for full and complete navigation of this site. Last pdated 12/07/2014

Extreme Original Designs

When you have a large investment into your project and image is a part of it, you'll want to work with a seasoned, experienced professional who understands exactly what you are striving to achieve, without compromise.

Be it an alcohol burning dragster, funny car, street rod or other, the level of design work produced by the artist is in a league of it's own, just as you are.

Now a veteran of the air brush, all previous years of experience in masking, paint and pinstripe has naturally evolved, thus setting a new level of achievement in respect of digital arts in the power sports arena. This translates into the ability to render an exclusive mural for your machine in a fraction of time.

Razor Sharp Imaging

Jet skiing and doing art are both long time passions, and where I got my start. Inasmuch, my portfolio of hand acquired templates has also grown exponentially over time.

I never seem to run out of ideas, and have built an endless accumulation of proprietary custom elements and patterns to work from.

That said, if you see something here in this digital presentation, and it's not showing as available for your particular model, trust it can be made up for you!

Detailing with Realism

Nothing is more breathtaking, than when one combines illusion with the details of real life. If it's a part, piece, motion, accent, or texture, I always dedicate the time it takes to get the right look and feel.

But there's more to it if you take into consideration: physics, lighting, angles, organics and complex geometry, to mention a few. Luckily for me, I also have a background in sculpture and mold making which lets me see things from various perspectives. That means, your in for some great surprises when I design a new graphics package.

If you question whether it can be done, I assure you, it can.