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With more than 2 million views, there is a difference! trophy

It won't take long for you to discover that this on-line digital presentation of graphics and art is much different from all the others you may have visited. It's the only one which truly contains the world's most highly detailed, sophisticated and thought provoking designs and wraps specific to you in the power sports industry.

Whether you are just getting started, a veteran to outdoor sport activities, or into show & shines, your sure to find a themed style that will compliment your persona, riding gear or special events.

What you can always expect to find here is a large and ever growing selection of distinctive fine art designs, intricate details all cleverly mastered to perfection by a seasoned passionate air brush artist who's success has been painstakingly achieved without compromise of time or energy.

And if your seeking something exclusive, then consider the endless possibilities of having a custom package made.

What you won't find here is thoughtless mix matches of disjointed blurry trash art by want to be followers and clones who's only thought process is cut, copy and paste.

You have a large investment in your power toys, so why wear a bag over your head?

Trust your image and your dignity with none other than an evolutionary

'World Class Wraps'.

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About the coming new site (still under construction) Preview Here:

It has been years since I've studied code and have invested day and night over the past 11 months upgrading my skills in the latest HTML5, CSS3 and a few other features in order to bring you a state of the art responsive cross browser presentation.

The new site is being designed to work on cell phones, various sized tablets and on your desktop and laptop computers. The many pages will automatically resize according to your viewing devices. But to get the best overall experience, you may want to consider viewing it with a larger screen device so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the finer details built into the designs.

As artist, it's important for me to offer you the best sample image quality possible while browsing. However I have also had to consider the various modern devices, distances, countries and the Internet speeds to which they operate. Portions of the new site will also contain large and extensive image galleries, with some upwards of 100 images and may take a few seconds longer to load than most others depending on your Internet connection speed. The site, as usual, is hosted on a premium high speed server to accommodate multiple requests and page loads at one time.

With the exception of some late breaking software for the new HTML5 platform, every stitch of the new and coming content is being tested for W3C compliance.


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